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Rebecca Krisher


Dr Rebecca KRISHER - National Foundation for Fertility Research, UNITED STATES

Dr Krisher received her M.S. at North Carolina State University, and her Ph.D. at Virginia Tech. She conducted post-doctoral research with Dr. Barry Bavister at the University of Wisconsin. She was Assistant and Associate Professor at Purdue University and the University of Illinois before moving to her current role as Research Director at the National Foundation for Fertility Research in Lone Tree, Colorado, USA. Dr Krisher’s research program focuses on defining processes within mammalian oocytes and embryos that are critical for subsequent embryonic and fetal development. Specifically, Rebecca focuses on metabolic processes that affect viability and competence.

Rebecca is also interested in the consequences of maternal age on oocyte quality.In her current role, she is working to translate research findings into clinical application via improved culture media and new clinical assays to advance human assisted reproduction.

Besides to the publication of her book “Oocyte Physiology and Development in Domestic Animals (2103) Ed: R.L. Krisher. Wiley-Blackwell”, she has published 51 Research Publications (including invited manuscripts) and 97 Research Abstracts. She has also received 19 research grants between 1999 and 2010.

Project: Improve live birth rates for women with diminished ovarian reserve

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