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Our 2015 six winning projects are:

  • Antonio Capalbo - GENERA Reproductive Medicine centres, Rome, Italy: Clinical translation of a new procedure for embryo evaluation based on miRNAs profiling from spent blastocyst culture media:  prospective multicenter study
  • Tracey Edgell - Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Clayton, Australia: Glycomarker Panel for Prediction of IVF Outcome
  • Andreas Keller - Clinical Bioinformatics Center Saarland University, Saarbrucken, Germany: Improved diagnostic of in-vitro-fertilization using miRNome and microvesicles from early stage embryos
  • Nick Macklon & Søren Ziebe - University of Southampton, Southampton, UK & University of Copenhagen, Denmark: Embryo derived trypsin: A novel and simple marker of embryo viability
  • Pasquale Patrizio - Yale Fertility Center, New Haven, USA: Identification of novel markers of human oocyte aging via non-invasive RNA sequencing analysis of cumulus cells
  • Paola Vigano - San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan, Italy: Exoxomes/microvesicles release as a non-invasive method to assess embryo activity