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The Review Process

The GFI Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) for the innovation grant is fully independent and comprises internationally renowned experts in the field. The SSC undertakes a rigorous process of review and assessment of eligible projects before validating its selection of grant awardees.

The names of the applicants and their institutions are completely blinded to the members of the SSC to keep the scientific merit of the proposals the key criteria for selection. All proposals are rated from 1–5 (with 5 being the highest) against each of the following criteria:

  • Clinical impact
  • Feasibility
  • Innovation
  • Preliminary data
  • Potential to shorten time to live birth

A final score is then calculated and the projects ranked accordingly. After each round of selection, the GFI secretariat will contact unsuccessful and successful applicants individually to inform them of the status of their application and, if necessary, request additional information.

All projects that pass to the second round of review will have to submit the formal project outline, budget and a signed document that confirms their acceptance of the Full Grant Terms & Conditions for advanced applications. Based on this information, the SSC will make their final selection of the grant awardees.

How is the awarding of the GFI formalised?

The applicant’s institution will enter into a written Grant Agreement with EMD Serono which documents the conditions of the grant and the further collaboration between EMD Serono and the awardee(s).

What about publicity?

EMD Serono retains the exclusive right to make any press release or any kind of public communication about the GFI, the grant(s) and the awardee(s).

What happens to applications that are not successful?

EMD Serono treats all submissions confidentially and information relating to submissions which are not selected for a grant is destroyed.

Data protection information

EMD Serono processes personal information about you in accordance with the ‘Privacy and cookies policy’ of this website. By submitting the information requested in the Grant Application Form, you consent to such processing. Please review the information provided on how we treat and process your personal data in the ‘Privacy and cookie policy’.